Once again, Brimob stops the media crew from taking pictures of Ferdy Sambo at the AGO

GIACARTA, KOMPAS.com – The media crew was again blocked by Brimob officers as they were about to take photos of the suspect in the murder case of Brigadier J, Ferdy Sambo.

Ferdi Sambo He left the Junior Attorney General’s Building for General Crimes (Jampidum) on Wednesday (5/10/2022) at 12:59 WIB after attending the second stage of file submission in the case of Brigadier J.

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At that time you were promised by the media office of the attorney general can take pictures of Sambo freely.

However, when Ferdy Sambo came out, Brimob suddenly formed a line that covered Ferdy Sambo.

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This sentence made the media crew who was already tidy feel cheated and angry, so he urged them to take a picture of the mastermind behind the premeditated murder.

The media crew and Brimob members were involved in pushing each other.

Ferdy Sambo was about to get into a tactical vehicle that would take him to the Attorney General’s office.

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Arriving at the vehicle door, Sambo paused briefly and showed his face in the crowd pushing each other between the media crew and Brimob members.

This blockade treatment did not happen just once. When Ferdy Sambo arrived at the prosecutor’s office at 11:47 am WIB, this happened.

At the time, members of the Provos and Brimob scrambled to cover Ferdy Sambo when he got out of the vehicle.

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The media crew expressed their disappointment by shouting that Ferdy Sambo was no longer a police general, but a suspect.

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