On World Mental Health Day..Learn how to avoid what hurts you

There are some simple changes that occur in a person’s life that cause psychological stress, anxiety and fatigue, and there are also some of the pressures and burdens of family life that occur and cause that stress.

How to avoid a person’s harm with some helpful advice:

Dr. Radha Modgel has provided some advice that helps a person get out of that psychological stress, as this represents a state of psychological and physical exhaustion that occurs due to working life.

While psychological stress is an excessive and continuous pressure, according to Dr. Radha Modgel, who says that it made us unable to bear the hardships of life, as the pressure may be from different aspects of life and not only from work conditions.

The feeling of psychological stress that resembles an empty battery, and you may feel the exhaustion of life, as if you have lost all of your inventory, so you are likely to be one of those who usually endure stress and work difficulties, but at the present time you are unable to bear it.

“Some of it has to be looked at that way,” says Dr. Radha Modgel. “You have a stock of work and a home stock that if one starts running out and the other is still full you might be able to handle it.”

But if the two start to run out at the same time, then you will not find a stockpile to rely on, and from here the problems begin, so you should always observe the psychological, such as monitoring the phone battery, and you must know how to do that.

Where you must know the reasons for avoiding what hurts you, which is through meeting friends and doing the things you love and avoiding problems that negatively affect your psyche.

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