On TV3 dinner show, the week begins with disagreements and quarrels Shows

On the evening of Monday, November 23, TV3 viewers had the opportunity to get acquainted with the participants of this week’s culinary show “Almost Ideal Dinner” – a particularly variegated company gathered together, and on the first evening disagreements arose between the guests.

This week, model and TV personality Māra Sleja, Saeima deputy Aldis Gobzems, singer Ieva Sutugova and businessman and co-owner of the restaurant “Hercogs” Andris Rūmītis, who had agreed to open the dinner marathon, will visit each other.

Andris welcomed guests to his family house in Mārupe, and dinner took place on the courtyard terrace. However, before starting to eat, the host jokingly joked the guests, making them taste three seemingly different lemonades, which actually turned out to be the same.

“Other times I’m such a furious freak,” Andris said of the guests, and after a while everyone was invited to sit down at the table and eating could begin.

What were Ald and Mara’s first impressions of each other, find out here!

The snack was served cold soup, carrot tapenade with smoked almonds, toast and rye bread toast with onion marmalade, crispy roast salad and whipped goat cheese with caramelized walnuts, and Māra was immediately clear who would win this week. In turn, Aldis announced that he had not had to compete in this show, and the first dish seemed to him “in the style of a typical Latvian pub”.

At the main course, Andris’ children’s favorite dish was brought to the table – tortillas with iceberg lettuce and grilled chicken, and it went especially to Ieva. “It was wonderful because there was a picnic feeling, a touch of family,” the singer explained.

Aldis, on the other hand, made a statement: “Do you know what it’s like to eat? I personally am not used to looking at me when I eat. ”

“Everyone is very special and everyone is a very different person, so my job is to look at me, I know it, and everything is fine. He may just be tired of it, ”said Māra.

Although Māra admitted that Aldis resembled her older brother both visually and in terms of speech, there was tension between the two.

“The bravery of a girl in the center of Riga, but its bravery is usually at the moment when you are somewhat unsure of yourself,” Aldis described Mara.

After getting stuck, it was time for entertainment, and Andris had arranged for the guests to take part in a juggling master class led by Riga Circus School teacher Dmitry. “Until we teach the way he can’t get out of here,” the entertainer said.

Ieva was most enthusiastic about the attraction, while Aldim, who did the best juggling at the dinner company, seemed superfluous: “I don’t know of any ideal dinner event where someone would have fun with games or games. Adults get together, they eat, they talk. ”

After everyone had shown their skill in juggling, Andris had provided some more entertainment – the guests had to prepare the dessert from the flowers.

“It’s a women’s task,” Aldis fluffed, but Mara sent her to bake and urge her to be creative and relax, explaining that she’s not “feminine” or “masculine.” “It’s all about humanity.”

Later, Aldis said that at the beginning Mara was very aggressive with the cameras on. “It was her complex,” said the politician.

“I go to fight so that I am not attacked, and he does the same – he goes to fight before he is attacked,” Mara explained the tension between the two. “Because we are afraid we will eat each other.”

For dessert, mascarpone cream with ice cream and berries was enjoyed.

The trio evaluated the visit to Andris with 29 points – the entertainer received 10 points each from Māra and Ieva, but Aldis awarded one point less.


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