On the way to work, it’s cold in the sub-zero zone… Warm from daytime

Input 2021.02.24 06:17

On the afternoon of the 19th, citizens are enjoying a walk in Cheonggyecheon, Jongno-gu, Seoul. /yunhap news

On Wednesday, the morning of the 24th, the temperature will remain below freezing and the cold weather will continue, but the cold will gradually ease as a warm south wind flows in from the afternoon.

According to the Meteorological Administration on that day, the morning temperature will show a distribution of -10 to -5 degrees, centering on the central inland, the eastern part of Jeonbuk, and the northern part of Gyeongbuk.

However, as the warm south wind blows from daytime, the temperature will rise to 5-12 degrees, similar to the previous day. As the difference between night and low temperature is large, you should pay special attention to health care. It is predicted that there will be occasional clouds in the sky.

The minimum morning temperature in major areas on this day is ▲Seoul -4°C ▲Incheon -3°C ▲Suwon -4°C ▲Chuncheon -6°C ▲Gangneung -1°C ▲Cheongju -3°C ▲Daejeon -4°C ▲Jeonju -2C ▲Gwangju -2 degrees ▲Daegu -2 degrees ▲Busan 2 degrees ▲Jeju 4 degrees.

The highest temperature during the day is ▲Seoul 9 degrees ▲Incheon 5 degrees ▲Suwon 9 degrees ▲Chuncheon 10 degrees ▲Gangneung 7 degrees ▲Cheongju 9 degrees ▲Daejeon 11 degrees ▲Jeonju 10 degrees ▲Gwangju 12 degrees ▲Daegu 12 degrees ▲Busan 12 degrees ▲ Jeju 14do, etc.

Fine dust is generally clean with smooth air diffusion, so it will show a level of’good’ to’medium’ nationwide.

The atmosphere is expected to be very dry. The effective humidity will drop to less than 35% in Seoul (Northeast, Southeast Region), where the construction warning took effect, some inland Gyeonggi, Gangwon Yeongdong and Gangwon Yeongseo south, Chungcheong area, eastern Jeonbuk, and Gyeongsang area (excluding the western southern coast of Gyeongnam). Other areas will also be built with an effective humidity of 35-50%.

As for the waves of the sea until this day, there are some places on the east coast where high waves caused by swells cross the seashore or push strongly to the white sand.


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