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Japan’s NHK Dahe drama “How to do Ieyasu” starring Jun Matsumoto, tells the legendary story of the historical celebrity Tokugawa Ieyasu from his youthful life to his dedication to war, surrounded by powerful enemies, and through life and death. . He collaborated with the goddess Kitagawa Keiko in the play. The woman showed her heroic appearance when she first appeared on the stage, and even refused to marry him. The plot climaxed one after another.

▲▼Keiko Kitagawa is heartbroken and regrets her marriage, unwilling to marry Jun Matsumoto. (Photo/Provided by MyVideo)

▲▼Keiko Kitagawa is heartbroken and regrets her marriage, unwilling to marry Jun Matsumoto.  (Photo/Provided by MyVideo)

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In the latest plot of “What to do with Ieyasu”, Oda Nobunaga’s younger sister “Ashi” played by Keiko Kitagawa appeared in a martial arts competition with a long stick. Even Jun Matsumoto was almost beaten by her. However, she has great skills, but as a woman in the Warring States Period, she has aspirations that are difficult to achieve. She was once married to Matsumoto Jun by her brother Oda Nobunaga, played by Junichi Okada.

▲▼Jun Matsumoto was heartbroken by Keiko Kitagawa on the eve of her marriage, saying: I don’t want to marry a weak person.  (Photo/Provided by MyVideo)

▲ Matsumoto Jun abandoned his first partner for the sake of the overall situation in the play. (Photo/Provided by MyVideo)

Kitagawa Keiko readily agreed to their marriage because she fell in love with Jun Matsumoto when she was a child, but when the wedding was about to take place, she saw that Jun Matsumoto was still concerned about his wife and children who were far away. Saying: “I don’t want to marry a weak person like you, so I want to refuse this marriage. My concubine has made up her mind, and I hate thin men.” The marriage that was almost completed between the two was broken.

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▲▼Matsumoto Jun.  (Photo/Provided by MyVideo)

▲Jun Matsumoto starred in a Taiga drama for the first time. (Photo/Provided by MyVideo)

Jun Matsumoto, who has debuted for more than 20 years, starred in a Dahe drama for the first time in “What to Do Ieyasu”. In an interview earlier, he revealed how he felt when he received the invitation, “Super shocked! I never thought that I would receive an invitation from a Dahe drama. It really is I was so scared, I was almost twice as happy.” In order to play the famous historical general Tokugawa Ieyasu, he spent more than a year preparing, and the shooting time was as long as 18 months. “During this period, I became a community of destiny with this character. Unprecedented experience. Ieyasu is not a person with overwhelming leadership charisma. He will stand in the position of his retainers and think about what to do, so as to open up the way together. I think this will be a film about unity and cooperation that will resonate with the audience. Dahe drama.” “What to do with Ieyasu” is broadcast simultaneously on MyVideo every Tuesday.

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