ON THE BOX ONLY: Will Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor host a breakfast show at Polsat!? WE HAVE A COMMENT

Joanna Koroniewska I Maciej Dowbor are considered one of the most popular weddings in Polish show business. The actress and journalist has won the sympathies of observers with a series of direct on Instagram. During “Houses at Dowborów” Joanna and Maciej meet more or less famous characters, trying to keep the tone of the conversation humorous. However, not all the jokes served up by the celebrity couple are liked by the internet users. The couple recently came under fire from observers when they threw a baguette on the floor and poured wine down the sink after the Poland-France match.

It seems that the content created by Joanna and Maciej is being applauded by media decision makers, as there are rumors of new work allegedly reserved for a witty couple. “Super Express” received information that Dowbor and Koroniewska would become one of the couples leading the breakfast program on Polsat. The tabloid says the station’s new program director, Edward Miszczak, is working hard to introduce a format that can compete with ‘Question for Breakfast’ and ‘Dzień Dobry TVN’.

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The certainty is the marriage of the Dowbors, namely Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor. Miszczak hopes their marital banter, banter and airplay will appeal to audiences. Joanna and Maciej will be Polsat’s answer to Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski said a tabloid whistleblower.

It turns out that the latest guesses don’t have to come true. According to the information we have been able to gather, no decisions have yet been made regarding the composition of Polsat’s breakfasts.

The popularity of “Domówki u Dowborów” might really suggest that Maciej I Joanna they are the ideal candidates to lead such a programmebut the truth is that no decisions have yet been made. Dowbor doesn’t complain about the lack of lessons, because in addition to Polsat he also works in radio and produces programs. Koroniewska has said this many times returning to television is not his priority, because he is doing great as an influencer – a Polsat employee reveals to Pudelek.

The informant also told us something about the plans of Edward Miszczak, who will soon take over the station’s program offer, replacing Nina Terentiew in this position.

The list of candidates is long, because many stars want to grab a piece of this pie. The new program director will not start his job until mid-January, and then he will be able to make the first official decisions, including on personnel. He’s sure to want to surprise viewers, but stars associated with the station on long-term contracts will likely be the first to be considered. He explained.

Would Dowbor be a good competitor to Kurzopek?

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The most annoying couple in Polish show business.

I don’t digest them. Maciej’s vocabulary is really bad and Koroniewska’s game is so forced as to be embarrassing. I’m at school too, alw ole Kurzopków.

Television is not a place for a husband and wife to fool around on the air. There should be a professional journalist here, not an actress who played a role a long time ago and played it like a leg off the table.

I hate Dowbor put on TV by moms.

Are there no others? young faces? Mr. Edward Maciej Dowbor and his wife are really not a good choice. Artificiality, just biscuits and no slack, but real slack. There is no flow there.

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This will be Polsat’s worst mistake – disrespect for the viewer, duplication of TVN.

They can drive and I don’t watch breakfast anyway 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪.

they are two villains, Rozenek is better, at least there is one.

Does anyone really want to see them?

Dowbor so aggressive, throws his tongue at the guests as soon as someone writes not in his way, sits silent when a famous name speaks. He is such an opportunist Maciuś. And he has visions of the Old Religion, a big baby bobo in expensive Poland, and he sees himself on the Hollywood red carpets

Please, not them!! i will not look!

The half lot will be . Breakfast. New witness according to the villains 🎅😉

Beak wide open…..

You need to have a full keyboard landscape…..

And take them there, write to them that they have no talent and that they have a distorted world view, they will eat you with their hooves hihi


25 mins.

two nightmares

I like a nice normal smile, not a wide open mouth like a bucket of potatoes. You have to be natural and that’s beautiful

I suggest shooting in Krakow. Dowbor will be closer

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