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On the anniversary of the death of Hatem Zulfikar … the story of his body being found 3 days after his death

Today, Saturday, February 15th, is the eighth anniversary of the death of the artist Hatem Zulfikar, or Hatem Mahmoud Radi, As he acquired this title from the famous artist Salah Zulfiqar, who lived with him in the Abbasid region, andHe left our world on this day in 2012, at the age of 60.

Everyone predicted for the late artist a brilliant future, as his roles escalated from the small until he became famous in the roles of evil, as he mastered in the role of the reckless son and became in the path of giants of artists who were famous for the roles of evil such as Estefan Rosti and Adel Adham.

Hatem Zulfikar lived the last period of his life suffering from isolation, after his third wife left him in the first days of his incarceration, in addition to boycotting the art people and his close friends, until he passed away alone and no one next to him.

Zulfiqar remained dead at his home for three days without anyone knowing, and his brothers discovered that he had died by accident after contacting him by phone for several days without a response, so his end was tragic.

The condolence of Zulfiqar was held in the Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq mosque in the Sheraton residences, and it was remarkable that only 3 of the artists did not attend the condolences, the artist Ashraf Abdel Ghafour (the captain of the acting professions at the time), Muhammad Abu Dawoud, and Hamdi Sharaf al-Din. Shaheen.


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