On shoes cost over 50 percent more in Switzerland

Attention bargain hunters! In the Swiss online shop, Roger Federer’s On shoes are up to 51 percent more expensive than in Great Britain, the EU and the USA.

A pair of On shoes in a shop window. (Archive image) – Keystone


the essentials in brief

  • In Switzerland, On shoes sometimes cost up to 51 percent more than abroad.
  • A customer discovered this when changing the top-level domains in the URL.
  • Roger Federer’s sneaker company rejects the criticism.

In Swiss online retail, On shoes are sometimes up to 51 percent more expensive than in our neighbours. In Great Britain, the EU and the USA, customers can benefit from lower prices.

Do you own On shoes?

“The Roger Pro” – developed by tennis star and On shareholder Roger Federer – costs 270 francs in Germany. This price was too high for an On customer, which is why he replaced the “ch” insert in the URL with “de”.

athlete messi
Swiss tennis player Roger Federer in action. – Keystone

So it ended up on the German side, and lo and behold: the same product was suddenly cheaper, for 199.95 euros (about 198 francs). Federer’s tennis shoe is even cheaper if “ch” is replaced by “gb” or “us” in the URL. It then costs the equivalent of either 197 or 194 francs.

Are On and Roger Federer taking Switzerland for a fool?

The affected customer complained to the “Sonntagszeitung”: On relies on Swissness in marketing and Roger Federer as Swiss brand ambassador and shareholder. At the same time, consumers are being systematically fleeced. The home crowd is the fool here.”

The sneaker company itself does not say much about the considerable price differences. «On’s prices vary from country to country. Higher wages and sales costs in Swiss sports shops lead to higher prices for running shoes in Switzerland. Also at On,” explains a media spokeswoman.

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