“On Saturday I thought it ‘scandalous’ that Trump was kicked out of Twitter, arousing outrage. There are times these criticisms undermine from within. And other times when displeasing, even his friends, does not bother. I do, right now. Free Speech Thread. ” : France

Drinking water and electricity are public services. Twitter on the other hand is not a public service.

No, indeed. Consider a service similar to twitter. Randomly, the phone. Imagine that around the 1970s or 1980s, when it was the main channel of communication, a telephone company decides to cut the line of the outgoing president, unilaterally, for no valid reason. It would raise a few eyebrows. Then imagine that, in order to prevent the outgoing president from being able to communicate despite everything, he also cuts the line of the White House. Imagine that at the same time other communications companies of the same kind (currently Facebook, at the time, Ameritech or Bell South) do the same. There, evil spirits would begin to wonder, “Isn’t the first step in a coup d’etat to take control of communications, by any chance?”, And others would be seriously worried about the behavior of telephone providers, and would promise to put it in order asap.

We hear, there could be a doubt if, as it has been repeated on the right and on the left for several days, Trump had indeed “incited to violence”, instigated a shamanic coup or a sale of state furniture. . It is not, and just consult the archives of his tweets to realize it. At most, he encouraged his supporters to demonstrate, and if we start to judge the organizers (in the broadest possible sense) of the demonstrations as responsible for everything that happens at them, we have a lot of world to be wrecked, and some far more evil than Trump. His ban was even triggered by a video urging protesters to return home.

As Ruffin, who forgot to be a jerk this week, says, it’s not the deed that’s judged, it’s the man.

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