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“On Saturday a team won with an offside goal and we are in 2022. We wanted to win, fatigue had an impact.” VIDEO!


In the aftermath of Rome-Bologna the Giallorossi coach José Mourinho spoke.

Mourinho a DAZN

Disappointed with the result?

“For me it was a game with little quality, the team that wanted to win didn’t do much to win, the one that didn’t want to win did little, the referee let it go. I saw little quality “.

Did the fatigue affect you?

“Of course, the tiredness and the thought at Leicester, on Thursday we play 14 games in Europe plus the games in the league. Leicester rested 9 players, only Schmeichel and Albrighton played. We wanted to win it, it was a bad match and it is our responsibility that we did not play well, then Bologna did nothing else to increase the quality and the referee did not adapt to the quality of the show and let it go “.

The four changes?

“I tried to give more quality, but we didn’t have that impact that I could have. The four players who entered, I can say that Pellegrini and Karsdorp entered well, Abraham and Zalewski did not. We had opportunities to score, but it wasn’t enough ”.

Mourinho in conference (from the correspondent at the Olimpico Gabriele Chiocchio)

There were 6 rotations, Rodgers did 8 …


What is your analysis?

“Poor game. All three teams. Those who wanted to win didn’t have enough quality, those who didn’t want to win did theirs. The third team never worried about the quality of the show. They participated with little quality.”

Did Zaniolo center forward serve to widen Bologna’s defense?

“The story is always the same. I have been training for 22 years and it hasn’t changed. There are many changes in football, but you, in general, never change. After the game there is a result, and the questions and questions depend on the result. Comments. In 22 years it is one of the few things that has not changed. Another that has not changed is that 22 years ago you could win a game with an offside goal and 22 years later you can still win with an offside goal. Yesterday a team won with an offside goal. If I don’t make changes and I have an injury, if on Thursday we can’t fight with a team that has rested so many players, the criticism would have been on that. Let’s make the changes, we didn’t win the game. game and the questions arrive. In these 22 years it hasn’t changed. It hasn’t changed even being able to win a game with an offside goal. This is something (he gestures with his fingers) with some meaning “.

The question was tactical.

“I don’t want to go into the depth of what we analyze. We played with Tammy and Shomurodov, honestly we haven’t improved. The players who entered in the last 30 minutes didn’t make much difference. Because they weren’t 30, they were 15. I thought they were. 30. It is as I said in the first question, which started out on the whole poor “.

When he left 12 years ago he spoke of intellectual prostitution.

“Not when I left, a little earlier. Today I don’t hear it. I don’t say that today there is intellectual prostitution of the Italian sports press, because I don’t think so.”

Have we improved?

“Yes. I see an absolutely normal press in your analyzes, something comes to me. Apart from some phenomenon that always comes, I see a serious, critical, analyst press. The previous question was very correct, intelligent. I don’t see this intellectual prostitution. But if you like. to hide that yesterday a team won with an offside goal in the year 2022 you have to ask me this question again. “

After an almost complete group, did you change your mind about Zaniolo?

“I do not understand why this question. Zaniolo’s attitude has changed, not that of the referees. Today he is aware that he is a target, there is nothing to be done. Emotionally he is controlled, in the sense of not taking more yellow for protests. He educated himself. The referees, in general, have not changed. “

Mourinho to the club’s official channels

The match?

“A match without quality. The team that wanted to win didn’t play very well, the team that didn’t want played their game and the referee wasn’t worried about the quality of the show. Poor match for me.”

Is it normal to feel tired?

“Of course it’s normal, there are tired players. On Thursday we play with an opponent who left 9 players to rest today. I have to try to give my players the minimum physical condition for the match against Leicester. We are a team with ours. limitations. There will be 14 games in the Conference, this is a negative impact for league games. “

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