On Sangar Street, Cowboy Driver Excuses His Trepidation


Muhammad Farid Andika (MFA), the ‘cowboy’ Fortuner driver who got angry after nudging the motorbike that was boarded by a woman, now is no longer frightened. To the police, the MFA admitted to being afraid after grazing the victim’s motorbike. He argued that he took out a firearm out of fear.

“The fear was that he took out the weapon,” said the Head of Public Relations Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/4/2021).

Now the MFA has been named a suspect in the case of pointing a gun and hit-and-run Duren Sawit, East Jakarta. According to Yusri, when he was at the location, MFA was contacted by local residents.

MFA also admitted that his car was hit by one of the residents at the location. As a result of his fear, continued Yusri, Farid Andika took out one of his weapons.

“Meanwhile, what he conveyed at the time of the incident was due to the crowd at that time and someone hit the hood of his car,” explained Yusri.

Farid is known to have two firearms. The officers also confiscated the firearm.

As is known, the woman who was the victim of the MFA hit-and-run suffered minor injuries. In the case of this accident, the MFA is subject to Article 310 of Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation (LLAJ).

“Article 310 is a threat because of negligence,” said Yusri.

See also the video ‘Woman Victim of a Fortuner Driver’ Cowboy ‘Testifies at the East Jakarta Police’:

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