ON-LINE: For the first time, the Czechia reports over a hundred victims of covid in a single day

21:46 – In addition to the European Commission, the Czech Republic also provided Germany with medical assistance if necessary.

20:43 – Number of new coronavirus infections in Spain it has grown further today, by 21,000 cases. On Wednesday, the number of infected exceeded one million.

20:42 – The obligation of a negative coronavirus test in Bavaria for commuters from high-risk areas, including the Czech Republic, will apply from Friday, ČTK reported.

19:55Due to the spread of coronavirus from Saturday 24 October to Sunday 1 November, Slovakia will significantly restrict the free movement of people, with a few exceptions it will practically introduce a curfew. This was announced by Prime Minister Igor Matovic.

Even stricter rules will apply to the four most affected regions in the north and east of the country. The first phase of comprehensive testing of the Slovak population for coronavirus will begin on Friday, and will take place in most areas in the next two weeks.

18:41Denmark, which has been largely under control throughout the epidemic, reports 760 new cases, the highest in the Nordic country with 5.7 million people.

18:39Sweden canceled the call for the elderly to isolate themselves from others due to coronavirus infection. According to the Minister of Social Affairs, there is no reason why special rules should apply to them. At the same time, since November, the Scandinavian country has reduced the number of participants in nightclub parties to 50 and, conversely, allows up to 300 spectators to take part in sports and other events instead of the current 50.

18:25 In Italy, there have been 16,079 coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, the highest since the country began. As many as 136 people died of covid-19 in the past day, the Italian health ministry said today.

On Wednesday, authorities reported 15,199 new cases of coronavirus infection and 127 deaths from covid-19. Despite the current record increases in those infected so far, there are far fewer deaths in the country than in the spring wave, when more than 900 people died in one day.

18:20 – By six o’clock in the evening, the laboratories had detected 7,511 new cases of coronavirus infection. The number of tests performed was a record during Thursday, with 44,000 people.

For comparison: on Wednesday the data at 18 o’clock was 8840 positive, for the whole Wednesday 14 968 cases were recorded.

18:13 – On Wednesday, there were 108 deaths infected with coronavirus in the Czech Republic, the most in one day since the beginning of the epidemic and for the first time over a hundred.

The number of hospitalized people also jumped, by 360 to 4777.

A nurse in a protective suit at the Infectious Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Infectious Diseases Department of Jihlava Hospital, where paramedics care for patients with covid-19.

Photo: Luboš Pavlíček, ČTK

11:44 – Belgian Secretary of State and, until recently, Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès is in the intensive care unit due to Covid-19. Referring to her spokesperson, the Belgian media reported on Thursday. The state of the 45-year-old politician is stable, but she needs medical care.

10:55 – Poland reports 12,107 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus per day, the highest to date. It also records the highest number of deaths with covid-19, 168 people died per day.

10:50 – The positive test for the covid-19 disease has the outgoing Olomouc governor Ladislav Okleštěk (YES) as well as the leader of the electoral two-party coalition of Pirates and STAN Josef Suchánek, who should replace him in office. None of them will probably personally attend the inaugural meeting of the newly elected Olomouc Regional Council, which is to be held in the Olomouc City Hall next Friday.

10:32 – Situation in Germany is very serious, said the main epidemiologist. According to him, it is necessary to take into account that the coronavirus will spread uncontrollably in the country.

10:16 – On Slovakia recorded 1728 new cases of covid-19 and 17 people died. There are 731 patients with confirmed covid-19 in the hospitals, of which 20 in the ICU and 63 in the pulmonary ventilation. A total of 35,330 people have been tested positively in the country so far, and 115 people have died since the beginning of the pandemic in Slovakia.

9:23 – V Hungary recorded a record 2,032 new cases of covid-19 and 46 people died. A total of 52,212 people have been tested positive in the country so far, and a total of 1305 people have died.

9:05 – On Slovakia another 17 people between the ages of 47 and 89 died of covid-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 115 people have died in the country.

7:19 – V Germany more than 11,000 new cases of coronavirus infection have occurred in the last day, the highest to date. Compared to the previous balance, this is a jump.

7:15 – Some hairdressers remained open until 6 o’clock in the morning to be able to cut all customers who showed interest in it. This was stated by Radiožurnál. Already yesterday afternoon, people attacked hobby markets, but also shoe stores, for example.


Men’s hairdresser before lockdown

Video: News

6:24 – V Prague there were an average of 1699 cases of coronavirus. For the second time in a row, the daily maximum was exceeded. There are now almost 20,000 infected people in the capital.

6:18 – Since March, 208,915 people have been infected in the Czech Republic. Of these, 83,136 were cured. Although most of the infected have a mild course of the disease, the number of hospitalizations in recent days is growing significantly.

6:15 – There are 4417 patients with coronavirus in hospitals, about four times more than in early October.

6:14 – 1,739 people have died in the Czech Republic so far with covid-19, of which 253 so far this week. There were 100 victims on Monday, the most in one day so far.

6:10 – There were 14,968 infections in the Czech Republic on Wednesday. There are now about 124,000 infected people in the country.

6:00 – Good morning from the Prague newsroom. We follow everything important about the development of the coronavirus pandemic in the Czech Republic and abroad in an online report for you.

Further measures are just beginning to take effect, some shops are closed, the activities of the authorities are restricted and the free movement of persons is restricted.

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