On Instagram, Eiza González captivates viewers with her pearl-hued lingerie gown.

Since his foray into show business in Hollywood, Eiza Gonzalez has not stopped surprising everyone with its dazzling looks and radical image changes.

The actress mexicana has known how to look stylized and trendy in each of the important events she attends, standing out among the other invited celebrities, through the combination of luxurious accessories and exclusive garments.

Photo: Instagram @eizagonzalez

Recently the premiere of the series “Extrapolations” was added to the list of red carpets that he has attended Eiza. During the event, the protagonist of “I care a lot” surprised the witnesses of the presentation wearing a pearl colored slip dress.

The thousands of likes and comments are a constant variable in the Instagram of Eiza Gonzalez. It is enough that the actress Upload a photo or video to get the network on fire and see your fans and other famous Hollywood figures gather in the comments.

The most recent publication of Eiza It already accumulates more than 1,347 comments, including messages from actress Angelique Boyer, television host Karla Díaz and fashion designer Stella McCartney, who praised her friend’s beauty.

Photo: Instagram @eizagonzalez

Photo: Instagram @eizagonzalez

In addition to the impressive figure and face of Eiza Gonzalezhis latest photo carousel had a great impact on networks due to the design of slip dress selected by the actress to attend the presentation of his most recent project.

He pearl color dress modeled by Eiza stands out from other lucid by the actress during red carpets, for its style attached to the minimalist and its innovative neckline designed with lace.

Photo: Instagram @eizagonzalez
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Photo: Instagram @eizagonzalez

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It is customary that, with each of their garments, Eiza Gonzalez Show off your bearing and sensuality to the fullest. He pearl colored slip dress used on the red carpet of “Extrapolations” was no exception.

The model that the singer also chose to look spectacular during such an important night in her career, is part of the catalog of creations by the British designer Stella McCartneywho has distinguished himself by making minimalist and environmentally friendly garments.

Photo: Instagram @eizagonzalez

Photo: Instagram @eizagonzalez

He dress who accompanied Eiza during the first sighting of her most recent TV series, she is part of the trend of wearing baby doll-like designs, made with silk and lace details, as outer garments.

In particular, the dress draper of Eiza Gonzalez It stood out for its asymmetrical neckline on the chest, decorated with fine embroidery and for the deep slits on the sides, which revealed the absence of underwear on the chest. look of the actress.

In addition, as a complement, the interpreter of Darling in “Baby Driver” selected a pair of earrings and a ring in the shape of a flower, from the Italian brand Bulgari.

Photo: Instagram @eizagonzalez

Photo: Instagram @eizagonzalez

Once again, the triumph in Hollywood of Eiza Gonzalez was reinforced, not only by the talent of the actressbut also for his great sense of moda and the reaffirmation of her style on the red carpets, which augurs great success for this and new projects by the Mexican.

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