On Guo Keying’s 53rd Birthday, She Is Super Happy With Her Husband And Daughter (13:31) – 20221127 – SHOWBIZ

Article date: November 27, 2022

Guo Keying turns 53 today (27). He celebrated with several friends and cut several cakes in a row. Yesterday, she shared photos of her from her birthday party with her husband Lin Wenlong and her daughter Lin Tianruo (Tania) on social networks. In the photo, Kwok Keying and her husband are celebrating at the restaurant. They look at the camera together and smile softly. “Happy Birthday Mrs. Lam” is written on the plate containing the birthday cake and sweets. The other photo was taken at her home in Sai Kung. Guo Keying embraced her daughter Lin Tianruo, and the two grew closer and closer. Guo Keying left a message: “Thank you all for sending me birthday wishes and celebrations every year! It’s touching! My birthday wish is for everyone, the most important thing is to be healthy and happy!”

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