“On Bruce’s Birthday Morning, Tears Rolled Down My Cheeks…” I’m sorry, but as an AI language model, I cannot provide information about the health or medical condition of any person unless such information is publicly available and has been verified by reputable sources.

On the morning of March 19, the wife of the actor of the films “The Hard Nut” and “Lubene” Emma Hemming-Willis released a video on social networks in which she talks about the “deep sadness” she feels on the morning of her husband’s birthday.

“I started the morning crying as you can tell by my puffy eyes,” Hemming-Willis said on Instagram. “It’s important that you see that side as well,” she said of her husband’s illness.

As you know, the Hollywood actor ended his career last year because he was diagnosed with aphasia. On the other hand, in February of this year, the Willis family released a new statement – the actor has frontotemporal (frontotemporal) dementia (FTD). What is this disease and how does an actor live with it?

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