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A pop star behind Swedish curtains …

Who is now dashing towards the US prison with a big trailer? Nobody less than Justin Bieber (27). He is on a “divine mission”.

The teen crush visited the California State Prison in Los Angeles. Of course, not without a lot of fanfare and with very special company. Because if the beaver himself inspects this building, he is of course well guarded.

Justin grabbed his pastor, his luxury wheeled vehicle, and a horde of security guards to talk to prison inmates about God!

Foto: action press

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Justin Bieber (here in February) is a believer and belongs to the “Hillsong” ChurchFoto: action press

In the past few weeks, the singer and his wife Hailey have already traveled through the western United States with the massive motorhome. At the meeting in prison, Hailey wasn’t there.

The news portal “TMZ“Now shows two photos of this crazy tour. Justin is sitting in the circle of chairs outside in the prison courtyard with a brown jacket and hat, listening to the conversations. In the second photo, the group is sitting inside and praying.

It has not yet been announced whether Justin also sang for the people and what advice he gave them exactly on the way.

Why does world star Bieber even visit the prisoners? To stand up for them and to listen to those who participate in the prison’s belief program.

And: “Biebs” also stopped by the dog program in “California State Prison”. It is the first program in a maximum security prison in California in which the convicts train dogs that are then passed on to former soldiers.

It’s no secret that Justin Bieber is religious and believes in God.

Again and again he emphasizes that his faith has brought him out of a dark phase of life consisting of drugs, alcohol and public disorder.

<img class="photo ondemand zoomable" src="https://bilder.bild.de/fotos-skaliert/saenger-justin-bieber-und-seine-hailey-hier-vor-wenigen-tagen-im-karibik-urlaub-auf-turks–und–caicos-118a2d3b22634cc390323477717905da-75942178/8,w=1280,c=0.bild.jpg" width="1280" alt="Sänger Justin Bieber und seine Hailey hier vor wenigen Tagen im Karibik-Urlaub auf Turks & Caicos" data-zoom-title="Sänger Justin Bieber und seine Hailey hier vor wenigen Tagen im Karibik-Urlaub auf Turks & Caicos

Foto: action press

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Singer Justin Bieber and his Hailey here a few days ago on a Caribbean vacation on Turks & CaicosFoto: action press

Bieber has been a permanent member of the popular “Hillsong” church for several years.

The Free Church, founded in Australia in 1983, particularly attracts young people. Church services are designed with live concerts and emotional speeches to celebrate Jesus. Not only theologians are allowed to speak, but also so-called “campus pastors” without academic training.

In November 2020 one overshadowed Cheating scandal from Justin Bieber’s pastor Carl Lentz the church. He publicly admitted cheating on his wife and was banned from Hillsong.



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