On 1 + 1 they decided to show TV series in Russian again

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Channel 1 + 1 decided to show films in Russian again

The Ukrainian dubbing is allegedly not to the liking of the viewers, as they are “historically accustomed” to the original “color”, the TV channel claims.

Channel 1 + 1 will broadcast films and series in Russian, and allegedly will switch to Ukrainian gradually. About this with reference to the statement of the Group 1 + 1 media informs Ukrainian truth on Friday, July 23.

After the entry into force of the language law, the TV channel began broadcasting all films and series in Ukrainian. However, now 1 + 1 will return to the Russian-language dubbing, as the Ukrainian dubbing allegedly did not appeal to the audience, who “are historically accustomed to watching their favorite films and TV series exactly in the form and color with which the product was originally created.”

The TV channel complains that the need to broadcast exclusively in Ukrainian has put them in “unequal competitive conditions.”

“1 + 1 media stands for equal conditions on the television market and fair competition for the favor of the Ukrainian viewer. And especially when it comes to such an important issue as language. Only by joint efforts of all market players is it possible to move the situation. Now we are witnessing a certain split in society on a linguistic basis, which we consider categorically unacceptable, “the statement said.

how writes Media detector, audience criticism related to the series Matchmakers.

At the same time, the media group assured that they would continue to invest in dubbing and Ukrainian-language content.

We will remind that in 2019 the law came into force in Ukraine On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language… According to the doc, the only state language in the country is Ukrainian, and it is mandatory for public authorities and public spheres throughout the state.

Certain articles of the law come into force gradually, in particular, from July 16, 2021 Ukrainian language has become mandatory in films and television series on television.

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