Omnisports. The CPO of Vittel welcomes the French boxing and archery teams in January

Labeled as a Preparation Center for the 2024 Olympic Games since October, the Vittel Sports Preparation Center will already be in this configuration during the month of January by welcoming two French groups. Excuse the little!

Since Monday and until January 21, the national boxing team is in fact in training in the spa town with Mathieu Bauderlique, bronze medalist in the light heavyweights in Rio. This is a way of renewing the existing relationship between the Vosges structure and the noble art, since the France group led by Brahim Asloum, future gold medalist, had prepared for the Sydney Games in 2000.

Melkumian not far from the Moselle

Among the 25 boxers present, there is a Lorrain, which does not evolve very far from its bases. This is the Florangeois Benik Melkumian, triple French youth champion and semi-finalist in senior jousting in -56 kg last February at Istres. This former resident of the France pole of Nancy, trained by Eugène do Rosario, joined INSEP in September.

On January 21 and 22, French archers will take over the athletics track of the CPO. Used to sharpening its competitors in the western Vosges, the FFTA will organize there, as was the case last year, a selective event in view of Tokyo, which will bring together 14 men and 8 women.

This first brewing will be followed by a second on February 6 and 7 at Insep. A Lorraine will be there: Lisa Barbelin. A Dieuzoise de Riom who, before joining INSEP, also made her ranges at Creps de Nancy with her teammate Audrey Adiceom. This detour through the Plain will be concluded with a tournament on Friday January 22. No doubt, it will vibrate around the Vittellois targets!

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