Omnisports. Sambo: Young Pleybennois shine at home French championships

French championships. Pleyben

At home during the cFrench championships that he organized On Saturday, Celtic Contact Pleyben stood out in the youth categories. From junior to cadet, he won seven gold medals and one silver medal. The only other Breton medal was won in the juniors by Quimper. On the club podium, Pleyben suddenly finished third.

The results

BENIAMINI. : -34kg: 1. Imrane Bousnane (Meurchin Bauvin); -42kg: 1. Konan Delorme (Pleyben); -46kg: 1. Walid Dhimane (Meurchin Bauvin); -60kg: 1. Kenan Goureau (Claye-Souilly).

MINIMUM. -46 kg: 1. Amine Bousnane (Meurchin Bauvin); -50kg: 1. Livio Hubert (Pleyben); -54kg: 1. Malone Deligne (Meurchin Bauvin).

MINIMAL GIRLS. -51kg: 1. Elowen Delorme (Pleyben); -65 kg: 1. Amber Cochet (Pleyben); +65kg: 1. Sarah Gasmi (Courdimanche).

CADETS. -58kg: 1. Kamil Beddiaf (Claye-Souilly); 2. Alan Cochet (Pleyben); -71kg: 1. Louis Leclerc (Montauban); -79kg: 1. Musa Mustafaev (Pleyben); -88kg: 1. Islam Chaouche (Marseille); +88kg: 1. Louis Duffet (Pleyben).

CADETS. -47kg: 1. Elsa Sousa Elsa (Claye Souilly); -59kg: 1. Year of Crystal (Pleyben)

JUNIOR. -58kg: 1. Arab Hussain (Meurchin Bauvin); -64kg: 1. Nassim Bousnane (Meurchin Bauvin); 3. Ivan Antonenko (Quimper); -71kg: 1. Medhi Malek (Villiers-le-Sec); -79kg: 1. Sofiane Kherrati (Marseille); -88kg: 1. Bilal Smain (Marseille); -98kg: 1. Hugo Leroy (Meurchin Bauvin).

HOPE. -71kg: 1. Zayd Ahmada (Marseille); -79kg: 1. Alexandre Deschiens (Claye-Souilly).

SENIORS. -58kg: 1. Julian Petit (Chambery); -64kg: 1. Zakarya Ahmada (Marseille); -71kg: 1. Ismail Mahmoudi (Meurchin Bauvin); -79kg. 1. Daiymo Xabidi (Claiye-Souilly); -88kg: 1. Louis Laurent (Claye-Souilly); -98kg: 1. Anthony Nantois (Claye-Souilly); +98kg: 1. Marvin Delienne (Claye-Souilly).

SENIOR GIRLS. -54kg: 1. Angelique Garcia (Claye-Souilly); -72kg: 1. Audrey Joubert (Claye-Souilly).

MASTERS A (+ 35ans). -79kg : 1. Rattana Mong (Villeurbanne).

MASTERS B. -79kg: 1. Francis Druyer (Claye-Souilly); -88 kg: 1. Matthew

Wolf (Chambery).

MASTER C. -71kg 1. Farès Kahoul (Chambéry); -98kg: 1. Yvan Smets (Courdimanche).

CLUB PODIUM. 1. ESF Claye-Souilly; 2. Sambo Club Marseille; 3. Fight martial arts Meurchin Bauvin and Celtic contact Pleyben.

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