Omikron finally in the Netherlands, we know this about the new virus variant

Omikron has since surfaced in several countries. In addition to parts of southern Africa and the Netherlands, the variant has already been found in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Hong Kong, Israel and Australia.

The Netherlands high in the list of most cases

With the thirteen cases, the Netherlands is one of the countries where the variant is most often encountered. South Africa leads the list with the most infections. In Botswana, where the variant was also one of the first countries, there were four confirmed cases on Friday. But presumably the number of actual cases is higher.

It is not entirely clear how many infections have been identified with the variant in total. Scientists estimate that it is in the thousands, according to The New York Times.

Distribution and effect of vaccines

According to the RIVM it seems that the variant is spreading quickly. Faster than other variants such as delta. But whether the new mutation is also more pathogenic remains to be determined.

For the time being, it is also not clear what the effect of the existing vaccines is on omikron. It is also not known how omikron reacts in people who have already had the corona virus.

Call to test

In an explanation of the established infections, outgoing Minister of Health De Jonge did not rule out taking extra measures. That depends on the seriousness and contagiousness of the new variant, about which little is known yet.

Anyone who has been to southern Africa in recent days is urged to report to the GGD to be tested, De Jonge said. “If they test positive, we ask them to go into isolation.”

Minister de Jonge said that the quarantine obligation will be 100 percent complied with:


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