Omicron Spreads, Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Clean Cars From Viruses: Automotive Okezone

VARIAN new corona virus which mutate very rapidly have been found. Named variant Omicron it was first identified in South Africa and has now been detected in several countries, most recently in the UK.

For that it should be noted that Corona has not completely disappeared. You still have to maintain the health protocol and cleanliness of the goods around you.

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One of the most important things to keep clean is the car. Because it is not impossible that the virus will spread and lodge in the car.

For that you need to know how car cleaning to prevent the virus from sticking to both the interior and exterior of the car. Anything? Quoted from the page Auto2000, Wednesday (1/12/2021), the following is in full.

1. Use Soap

To clean the exterior of the car, you can still use a cleaning soap that is commonly used.

We recommend that you do not use liquid soap carelessly because it can risk damaging the surface of the car body. So, be careful in the selection of car cleaning soap.

2. Use Disinfectant Cairan

Moving to the interior, make sure that all parts of the car that are often touched by hands are cleaned with disinfectant liquid.

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Some of the car parts include the steering wheel, keys, mirrors, audio & air conditioning control buttons, and other parts.

If you’re not sure which disinfectant to use, try choosing a tissue product instead.

Do not use ammonia-based cleaning products on the car’s touch screen as they can reduce the anti-glare coating on the screen.

3. Use the Right Cleaner

Then you can move to the seats, carpets, to the roof of the car cabin. Clean the parts with the right cleaner.

Use products that are intended for car seats and carpets so that there are no significant problems. The cleaning process is also safer without any further risks.

4. Wear Gloves

Remember, in this cleaning process, you must use disposable gloves.

In addition to preventing skin contamination with cleaning fluids, gloves are also useful for preventing direct exposure to viruses and germs.


You can keep your hands clean during the whole car cleaning process.

5. Wash your hands after cleaning the car

Don’t forget to wash your hands after cleaning the car. Wash your hands in running water for 20 seconds with soap.

Don’t forget to also return to using hand sanitizer if you really want to continue other activities, especially those outside the house


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