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Omicron Special Vaccine for Booster Claims to Increase Protection, Here’s the Explanation

KOMPAS.com – Medicine Agency Europe (EMA) said that coronavirus vaccine specially modified to fight the variant type Omicron is said to increase protection, when the vaccine is used as a booster.

Explanation of booster vaccine The Omicron special was delivered by EMA on Friday (1/7/2022), as quoted from Reuters (4/7/2022).

The EMA said that global regulators had agreed on key principles for updating Covid-19 goals in response to the currently emerging variants of the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, experts at EMA still believe that Covid-19 vaccine that currently exist, can already provide good protection, and can even prevent severity, hospitalization and death.

However, it is undeniable that currently the effectiveness of the vaccines on the various platforms that have been developed is facing a major blow as the virus evolves.

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As is special booster vaccine Omicron, also known as Omicron bivalent, means that a vaccine that includes both the new strain and the original coronavirus strain, according to the EMA, will increase and extend protection against infection with the virus.

Statement about Omicron special vaccine submitted by the EMA, referring specifically to vaccine mRNAboth developed by Pfizer and Moderna.

These two development companies have tested a retooled version of their Covid-19 mRNA vaccine by including: varian Omicron.

Meanwhile, other Covid-19 vaccines under development that include other variants, such as the Beta variant, may also be considered for use as a special booster vaccine.

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We can end the Covid-19 pandemic if we unite against it. History has proven that vaccines have saved the world from pandemics several times.

Vaccines are one of the most valuable discoveries in the world of science. Don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid to get vaccinated. Check vaccination updates.

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We care, the pandemic is over!

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