Omar Raddad case: a new very solid lead surfaces, the “real criminals” soon to be unmasked?

Twenty-eight years after his conviction for the murder of Ghislaine Marchal, Omar Raddad still hopes to prove his innocence. A very solid new lead has just surfaced.

The Omar Raddad case resurfaces. The defense of Omar Raddad presented Thursday, May 19, 2022 during a closed hearing of new elements in favor of a new request for review. A new hearing is scheduled for September 15, reports TF1. “It really is the last chance for Omar Raddad”said before the hearing his lawyer, Me Sylvie Noachovitch, quoted by the first channel.

A new lead thanks to DNA traces

“The Court of Revision’s investigating committee must give its opinion on the DNA traces discovered in the blood letters that accused the gardener”Explain RTL. Omar Raddad was convicted in 1994 for the murder of Ghislaine Marchal, wealthy widow found dead in 1991 in the cellar of his villa in Mougins in the Alpes-Maritimes. The 60-year-old had received multiple stab wounds. On the cellar wall where the morbid discovery was made, inscriptions in letters of blood directly accused the gardener of the victim: “Omar killed me”.

At the microphone of RTLOmar Raddad’s lawyer said she filed “two new elements which concern on the one hand the four DNA mixed with the blood of the victim, of which we still do not know to whom they belong, and on the other hand a clandestine investigation which was revealed by investigative journalists”. These elements come from a “secret investigation” of the gendarmerie between 2002 and 2004 and were revealed in a book published in March 2022, Ministère de l’injustice by Jean-Michel Décugis, Pauline Guéna and Marc Leplongeon.

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Registration “Omar killed me” is still today at the center of the investigation. This message on the wall with big spelling mistake became infamous for convincing investigators of Omar Raddad’s guilt. Sentenced to 18 years in prison, Omar Raddad was finally pardoned in 1998. It has been more than thirty years since the ex-gardener proclaims his innocence.

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Omar Raddad case: a new very solid lead surfaces, the “real criminals” soon to be unmasked?
For more than thirty years, the ex-gardener has been claiming his innocence.

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