Omar El-Shenawy reveals an attempt to expel him from the gym after his son was infected with the Corona virus … Video

The artist Omar El-Shenawi revealed that 3 security men in a gymnasium tried to expel him from the hall after announcing that his son and wife had been infected with the new Corona virus, which causes “Covid 19”. In a video clip broadcast on his official account on Instagram, Omar El-Shennawi expressed his thanks to those who contacted him on social media and others in order to reassure him and his family, adding: “Your calls have been answered, and my son is like a good man. I did not have any need and did the swab and blood analysis and others, and I do not have any need. “

Al-Shennawi added that the doctor informed him that he could go out on the street after making sure that he was not infected with the Coronavirus, adding: “I got a strange situation for a little while I went to the gym today, and I was standing. You announced on Facebook that your son has Corona and the members have complained about your presence in the gym. “

The artist Omar El-Shenawy

Al-Shenawi indicated that he assured them that the doctor allowed him to go out after making sure that Corona infection was not transmitted to him, and despite that the security men were not convinced, adding: “They dealt with me in a strange way and were afraid of me as if I had an epidemic,” indicating that in the end they left him and completed his training. Continuing: “We must have awareness of dealing with each other.”

Omar El Shennawy in a new video clip
Omar El Shennawy in a new video clip

Earlier, the artist Omar El-Shenawy told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that his wife, Hind, had performed the second swab, which had proven positive for the new Corona virus, after his young son, Hassan, was infected, indicating that the analyzes he had conducted came negative so far, Pointing out that he and his family will undergo further analyzes over the coming days, in order to be able to assess the situation and confirm the cases of recovery for each of them.

Omar El-Shenawy
Omar El-Shenawy

Al-Shennawy explained that his son, Hassan, is improving day after day, especially as he is undergoing a course of treatment recommended by doctors specializing in treating children infected with Coronavirus, and that he will continue to undergo analyzes in order to ensure the safety of his final recovery.


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