OM demands life sentence against father and sons for quadruple murder in Enschede | NOW

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) on Friday demanded a life sentence against father Camil A. and his sons Dejan and Denis for shooting four people in a grow shop in Enschede. “There was no sudden explosion of violence here. The suspects knew what they were going to do there,” said the prosecutor.

The victims, Maijkel Akfidan (27), Artur Sargsyan (34), Tuan Nguyen (43) and Max Klaassen (62), were killed at close range with several bullets. “They were killed. Killed like animals,” said the public prosecutor.

According to the OM, the suspects wanted money from Sargsyan and the victim must have sensed that something was about to happen. “Ten bullets were fired, all ten at close range and all ten were hit,” explains the public prosecutor. In addition, some victims have probably been forced to kneel. “Only life does justice to what has been done to the victims.”

The OM finds murder proven by association, although forensic investigation shows that only two people shot. “All three knew about the purpose of the trip.”

Lots of evidence against the suspects

The public prosecutor has explained in the requisitoir that there is a lot of evidence against the suspects. For example, they can be seen on camera images in a car near the crime scene at the time of the death of the men. The fingerprint of one of them was also found on a bullet shell and blood from one of the victims was found in their car.

Shoe marks, which run through the blood of the victims, can also be linked to shoes of the suspects. Investigations have shown that the trio wore different clothes after the shooting and suddenly had a large amount of cash. The father and his sons have consistently denied involvement and rely on their right to remain silent.

Motive has remained unclear

The motive has remained unclear. But the OM takes into account that the men had a conflict about drugs with Sargsyan, the former owner of the grow shop. The other victims were presumably witnesses and may have been killed for this reason.

The body of Klaassen, a trader in raw materials for plants, has been found half under a sofa. According to the OM, he may have tried to hide.

“The media talks about the quartet murder, but the victims were not a quartet. Klaassen did not even know the suspects. The suspects did form a trio, a murder trio.”


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