OM buyout: Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi also wants the stadium … – Foot – L1 – OM

In a press release published late on Saturday evening by one of his legal partners, Marc Deschenaux, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi expressed his desire to acquire the Orange Vélodrome, at the same time as the Olympique de Marseille.

“Mr. Ajroudi and his partners are officially showing their interest in this acquisition because they wish to offer Olympique de Marseille the ownership of its long-standing home”, the statement said. The potential buyers would have gladly expressed their wish to the town hall of Marseille, but they obviously did not find any interlocutors.

“Our customers have heard, without any certainty, that the Marseille town hall would like to sell the Vélodrome stadium, explains the press release. We have tried to ensure that we are informed before publication of this press release, but our efforts have remained unanswered, which proves, if it were necessary, that we are obliged to deal with this matter through the media. […] »

This week, during a city council, Benoît Payan, the first deputy, had indeed expressed the desire to sell the stadium to OM. “All the big European clubs need their working tools to develop. Rather than spending millions of euros per year for the Marseille taxpayer, we would all have an interest in selling the stadium to the Olympique de Marseille ”, had he explained according to comments reported by Provence. Ayachi Ajroudi has therefore already declared himself a buyer.

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