Olya Polyakova showed rare photos with her husband, whom few people saw

The popular Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova, who has taken her daughters abroad since the beginning of the war, and herself began to actively tour with charity concerts in support of Ukraine, often shares bright posts with her fans on her Instagram page. So, this time the star beauty shared rare shots with her husband Vadim, whom few people saw.

In the photographs, Polyakova’s husband is captured with his daughters on vacation, it seems that the shots were taken before the war, when the singer with the whole family was vacationing in the Maldives. In the photo, Vadim Polyakov with his daughters Alice and Masha look so happy and carefree.

In the caption to the publication, Olya Polyakova wrote: “My children have not seen dad for 100 days. But they know that they have him, love them and really look forward to meeting! Dad is a metaphysical being for me, I know that he must be loving and reliable, gentle and strong, and always be ready for anything for the sake of my children.I was so unlucky, I almost didn’t know my own father, and the person who was able to give me love appeared late in my mother’s life, I grew up … My children are lucky, they have a wonderful father, and I chose him because I knew that I could not find a better father for my children!

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