Olsztyn. He cheated on his wife on a company trip. He told about it in the store

The unfaithful husband bragged about in one of the Biedronka stores in the Zator district of Olsztyn. Other customers could easily hear the spicy stories, and among them, unfortunately for the man, also the singer known from The Voice of Poland. She decided not to be silent.

During the morning shopping, the unfaithful husband informed his friend on the phone that he had fun on a business trip to Giżycko. There were more other details as well.

The singer Sonia Michalczuk felt that she could not leave it like that and shared the whole story online. She published a post on social media in which she accurately reported what she heard in Biedronka. As she managed to establish, the man’s wife’s name is Iwona. They have two sons and live in Zator, Olsztyn.

Searching for a betrayed wife. The recording came to her thanks to her mother-in-law!

SoniaM appealed to the injured wife. “If your name is Iwona, you live in Zatorz in Olsztyn and you have 2 sons. Today at 8 am your husband is shopping at Biedronka and praises his friend Marek on the phone that he slept with his friend on Saturday at the company entrance in Giżycko. “- we read in the post.


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