Olla Ramlan Disappointed with Nindy Ayunda because she was talked badly behind her back


Olla Ramlan expressed his disappointment during his best friend’s year, Nindy Ayunda vilify himself. This is because Olla Ramlan received a recording of Nindy Ayunda’s voice talking about her.

But Olla Ramlan said that the post on his Instagram Stories some time ago was for Nindy Ayunda.

“That’s not for Nindy, if Nindy isn’t there yet, if it’s with Nindy, we’ll meet later, because Nindy last said he wanted to meet, right, he said he wanted clarification, I said later when I met him,” explained Olla Ramlan in a Rumpi show on Trans TV, several last time.

Olla Ramlan said he heard all the words of Nindy Ayunda. He did not think that Nindy Ayunda could do that to him.

“I heard everything he said. I heard a recording of what he said, I didn’t make any statements. So what if you were badmouthed by your own friends? Are you upset? But if I’m that relaxed, but again, I don’t know, when I meet you, how,” he explained again.

Olla Ramlan said that he was a very emotional person actually. But according to Olla Ramlan, Nindy Ayunda is her best friend.

“I’m a person who is actually emotional, but Nindy is a good friend, I’m disappointed, yes, of course but I want to know what will happen when the time is right. Nindy’s voice,” he explained again.

But Olla Ramlan currently does not want to exaggerate. He said he now has his own problems that are more important to take care of than this.

“I have my own now, yes, in my family, so I think this problem is number ten, yes. But yes, it’s clear that I don’t feel well, but yes, humans must have different opinions,” explained Olla Ramlan.

Olla Ramlan was asked where he got the recording of the problem. Olla Ramlan says if get it from someone.

“Anyone wants to know (where do I get the recording),” he explained again.

Many suspect that the recording that Olla Ramlan received was when Nindy Ayunda was talking to her extended family. At that time, there was one former nanny, Nindy Ayunda, who recorded the conversation.

at that time, Nindy Ayunda once said that one of her former nannies liked to record her conversations.

“What do you think when you talk to the parents? You know that my daughter’s sister, Lia, likes to record my conversations,” said Nindy Ayunda in a live Instagram some time ago.

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