Olgiate, the Spazio gym closes at the citadel of Health

The Fit Easy gym closes at the end of July, the health citadel project in Piazza Italia in Olgiate resumes.

The combined effect of the pandemic and the onerous condominium expenses led to the decision to close the currently operating activity in the space owned by the Municipality on the upper floor of the Asst Lariana clinic.

Strategic space to give substance to the idea, already cherished at the time of the mayor Maria Rita Livioto transfer the territorial activities of Asst Lariana located in Villa Peduzzi to the second floor of the building in Piazza Italia.

There is a large area available (800 square meters) to give an adequate location to the offices of Asst Lariana and to free Villa Peduzzi, thus making it again usable in whole or in a large part to citizens.

The new headquarters of the former Asl would have a more central position than the current one and functional to the community house project.

“Faced with the confirmation of the closure of the Fit Easy gym in Olgiate, we have already begun to reason with Asst Lariana on the possibility that the offices today in Villa Peduzzi will be transferred and strengthened within a single structure in Piazza Italia – explains the mayor Simone Moretti – The space on the second floor, owned by the municipality, mirrors the one below the clinic ».

You can recreate a “twin” space and then transform the building in Piazza Italia into a health center.

In the foreground, the outpatient clinic with enhanced services, because there are still usable spaces. On the second floor, the territorial headquarters of Asst Lariana’s activities. On the third floor the family nurses. It would be a very beautiful community house, really central and well served ».

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Nearby there are the municipal pharmacy and the Sos with double post of the medical guard. “Having identified Olgiate as the site of a community house, for months we had already been working with Asst Lariana on the hypothesis of two complexes – adds Moretti – Now that there is the certainty that the floor above the clinic is free, opens up an interesting scenario that plans to concentrate everything in a single complex. With this concrete opportunity, it is obvious that the project is based on a different redevelopment. Asst Lariana will examine it and I think she can evaluate it positively. ”We return to the initial project of the health citadel in Piazza Italia. «Having the good fortune of having been identified by the Region as a home for the community, this is the right opportunity to make the citadel of health project concrete. We bring Olgiate back to the center of the Olgiatese area also from a health point of view – concludes Moretti – Having an extra space in Piazza Italia, where the services of a community house can be concentrated, could also bring advantages to the Piazza Italia complex. In the future, those who come after us will evaluate how to use Villa Peduzzi in the hypothesis that it becomes free ».

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