Olga Zuiderhoek took into account dying from corona | Show

For three weeks Olga Zuiderhoek was in bed with a serious fever due to the corona virus. “I thought: either I will die or I will end up on the IC”, says the 74-year-old actress in the third episode of Full Rooms, which can be seen on NPO 2 tonight.

The only thing Zuiderhoek saw in those weeks was a television with images of hospitals and ICs. “When you lie flat, I could feel all those crowns in my lungs at work and I didn’t know whether that was still constructive or already rebuilding. Because it is an unknown disease ”, she says.

In the past, the actress suffered from bladder cancer and hepatitis, which she also openly talks about in the program. “It is just possible that I will die, which also calms me down”, she says about her illness. “When the end is there, the end is there.”

In the episode, Zuiderhoek and presenter Cornald Maas also visit the grave of her late husband Willem Breuker, where she herself will be when the time comes. Although she doesn’t have to. “I have something like: gosh, just leave him here on his own”, she says. “What difference does it actually all make when you’re gone.”

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