Olga Buzova in linen trousers and a top with ribbons did not hide her bulging belly

Olga Buzova has been working in television for many years. She continues to look for her love, but already outside of “House-2”. Not so long ago, the artist celebrated her 37th birthday. She does not hide that she has become rich, but she really misses her family. However, the next year the star began with trips to Africa. She is waiting for a long shoot.

This time Olga took a suitcase of outfits with her. She prefers not to wear a bra in the heat. This time, the artist dressed in an orange-colored linen suit with floor-length trousers and a top with ribbons. The TV presenter refused makeup. Buzova was going to ride on a safari and see wild animals.

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Fans admired the way Olga looks. But some saw her bulging belly. The TV presenter herself admitted that she did not have time to lose weight. “What a beauty”, Oh, she got better”, “That’s rounded”, “Such a suit for children”, “The stomach area looks strange,” they began to write on the Web.

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