Oleiros y Culleredo: Gelo, sobre el horario de las verbenas: “As festas son para o pobo” | Radio Coruña

The councils of the area continue in the debate to adjust the hours of the summer parties. Oleiros is changing the schedule of its festivals after the public statements of its Mayor, Ángel García Seoane, who was in favor of starting again earlier and ending around three in the morning. It has already happened at the Carmen de Mera festivities this weekend. Culleredo has notified that the parties in O Burgo will begin around eleven at night and will end at three. The attractions will have to lower their sound starting at one in the morning and will end at one thirty.

The Mayor of Oleiros points out that the festivities must begin at a time when all the people, children and adults, enjoy. He points out that they have to finish at a time that allows the neighbors to rest and situations of insecurity are avoided. They are applying it this summer, he says, gradually in his Council. Ángel García Seoane points out that it is the Xunta that has to change the general framework.

Listen Oleiros asks the Xunta to regulate the festivals in Play SER

He denounces that the Treasury and other public administrations are demanding excessive procedures and obligations from the party committees.

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