Oleiros proposes a bus from A Coruña to the beaches of Santa Cristina and Bastiagueiro | Radio Coruña

The Oleiros City Council will initiate the procedures with the Xunta to create a public transport service that serves the beaches of the municipality of Santa Cristina and Bastiagueiro. Specifically, it proposes that the A Coruña Tram Company implement a line that crosses the A Pasaxe bridge bound for these sandy areas between June 1 and September 15.

The mayor of Oleiros, Ángel García Seoane, considers that these frequencies, in addition to offering an important service to the thousands of people in the region who go to the beaches of Oleiros, would notably improve mobility between municipalities by reducing the number of private vehicles .

Listen to The Mayor of Oleiros, Ángel García Seoane on Play SER

In the case of Culleredo and Cambre, the possibility of creating a permanent transport service to the sandy areas that would pass through the most densely populated areas of the nuclei of A Barcala, O Temple, O Burgo, Acea de Ama, Vilaboa, A Corveira would be studied. and Fonteculler, with morning and afternoon schedules.

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