Oldest Woman Ready to Visit Space with Jeff Bezos

NEW YORK – Former pilot Wally Funk, now 82 years old, will join the US billionaire J eff Bezos as space and moon explorers, the company Blue Origin said Thursday.

Previously, Funk was credited with being the first woman to be trained to fly the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Mercury 13 spacecraft from 1960 to 1996.1.
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She was later expelled from training because of her female gender.

However, on July 20, Funk will become the oldest human to go into space when he rides a New Shepard rocket built by Bezof’s Blue Origin company.

Funk will travel into space with Bezof, his brother, Mark, and the other passengers.

The passenger was the winner of a space ticket auction that paid $28 million aboard the rocket.

The rocket will take off from east Texas and the journey into space is 10 minutes and four passengers will be positioned between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space.


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