Old school – Götz Schubert – education

First row or last bench?

I didn’t really care. The main thing is that I didn’t have to sit alone.

Influencer or Follower?

As a class bully I did a kind of subversive entertainment.

My hobby during the break?

Smoking when no supervision was around. Smooch if the current relationship status made it possible.

My greatest hour?

For a funny acceptance speech at the prom I had put on a doctoral hat with the words: “I have just come from Japan.” Huge laugh. A few days earlier, Erich Honecker had been awarded his doctorate in Japan.

I would like to forget:

She didn’t want to know anything about me, instead of accepting that, I let go of my frustration in a really stupid letter.

A monument is due …

… my class teacher at EOS Rolf Reichel. He brought us through socio-politically difficult times with integrity and loyalty and, for example, never let us feel the pressure the educators themselves were exposed to from the state.

Learning is …

I hope I never stop learning, in school, in life and anything.

Notes are …

… an auxiliary construction that should not be taken too seriously. A guideline, but not a judgment.

School should …

We are constantly experiencing social changes, there are constantly new insights, focus shifts. School should be able to respond, it should stay alive. More personal responsibility for educators, less plan fulfillment.

I have to apologize to …

… Ms Lange. I lied. The quatrain in the poetry album was not from me, but from Heinz Erhardt.

Have to apologize to me …

… Steffen. The slap came out of nowhere. I still don’t know what for. I thought we were friends.

Everyone has something to say about school. Everyone was there. That is why there is “old school” every week.


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