Olcay Gulsen opens up about sex life: ‘Low libido’

According to Olcay, she is not only very prudish, she also has a low libido. “I don’t do it until I really want to go for someone and there’s a good chance I’ll end up in a long-term relationship if it happens. But more importantly, I don’t see the fun or the thrill in it. It’s a lot of hassle to schedule sex dates on a weekly basis,” she writes.

While she doesn’t mind if others think otherwise, for Olcay, love and sex go hand in hand. She writes in the magazine: ‘I give my friends a man with whom they can do nice things and who is really nice to them.’

She herself found such a man in radio DJ Ruud de Wild, who could not have suited her better: ‘My husband is also a prude and I love it.’

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