OL receives flowers on Valentine’s Day… The boss’s face is green and “be my son’s girlfriend”: think about her refusal and she was forced to get out | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

The boss actually said that his current job is premised on being his son’s girlfriend. (Schematic diagram / PIXABAY)

A female netizen in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, mainland China revealed that she received flowers on Valentine’s Day, but when the boss found out, the other party said, “The current job is to be a girlfriend for her son,” and asked her to think about it; , the next day, she was asked to leave the company on the grounds that it was not suitable for the company culture, which made her quite dumbfounded.

According to a report by Lu Media’s “Headline News”, a female employee said that she recently went to a company to do paperwork and received flowers on the Chinese Valentine’s Day, and she was concerned by her boss.

Boss subpoena to female employee.  (Photo/Retrieved from Weibo/Headline News)
Boss subpoena to female employee. (Photo/Retrieved from Weibo/Headline News)

The boss sent a message, “If you don’t like him, everyone will be embarrassed, so let’s just ignore each other.” The female employee was quite puzzled and asked what it meant. The boss replied, “Didn’t I tell you to introduce my son to you? If you don’t want to, you won’t have a job. I just want to introduce you to my son before I talk about work. You think about it.”

The female employee thought that this would affect her work, so she declined the boss’s kindness. How could she expect to receive a notification from HR not long after that, saying that she was not suitable for the company’s culture, and asked her not to come back tomorrow, and to sign a voluntary resignation form. The two sides were at an impasse as the female employee refused to sign. In the follow-up, the company continued to recruit, and its content newly stated one item, do not listen to slander in the company, do not spread gossip, it seems to be responding to the matter from the air.

After the news was exposed, heated discussions were aroused, and everyone left messages such as “It seems that this son is bad enough, and we have to use this method”, “Are you choosing a concubine for your son?”, “What company culture?”, “And domineering.” The plot of the president falling in love with you is different”, “Then go quickly, even if you get along with you, it will be troublesome later.”

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