Oktoberfest: Munich police comment on “Layla”

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Created: 09/25/2022, 13:14

Von: Franziska Konrad


The Munich Police’s latest Oktoberfest post on Twitter is far from positive for most users. © IMAGO / Aaron Karasek

The “Layla” debate also takes place during Oktoberfest. A Munich police Twitter post on the subject is heating up again.

Monaco – As before, the rifts controversial song “Layla” temperaments – and it doesn’t even stop at Oktoberfest. The latest Twitter post of the Munich police testifies to this. In it, officials comment on the said party song and receive not only a lot of encouragement, but a bit of a headwind as well.

Oktoberfest in Munich: the police post “Layla” on Twitter causes discussion

The post begins with the words: “No #Wiesnschmankerl”. He goes on to say: “Among the songs of the bands, the name of a woman is sung in the tents. It’s not Rosi … #saynotosexismo #means only yes “. The real message from the officials: a clear no to sexism and sexual harassment of women at Oktoberfest. The hashtag” Only yes means yes “is about to accept a clear” No “by women. However, the post is not well received by many. This is mainly due to the allusion to” Layla “.

A look at the comments column below shows that a total of 199 responses have been gathered under the post so far – starting Sunday, September 25, at 8:55 am. After all: one user is thrilled with the words of the officials: “You’re doing it really well! When it comes to communication, the Munich police are still way ahead nationally!” However, if you scroll further down, it quickly becomes clear: with his words of praise, the commentator is practically in the minority here.

“Layla” at the Oktoberfest: storm of shit against the Munich police – “From tomorrow only Vivaldi”

“I really don’t give a shit about these songs because I don’t like any of them. But finding Layla is far from the worst of songs. Don’t get all the fuss. You should hear 80% of all the other songs. in the beer tent also forbid. From tomorrow only Vivaldi “, says a fairly sober user.” How can you approve of Rosi and not Layla? It’s the same in the end though. Let people have fun, “another is annoyed.

Another puts Prime Minister Söder into play: “Then you probably didn’t listen to our country father in his wiretapping speech”. The user alludes to the CSU chief’s speech at Wiesn tapping. In it, Söder indicated through the flower that he understood Oktoberfest– I have visitors who want to celebrate in Layla’s marquee.

“Layla” post: Police criticism – “Please don’t tweet drunk at work”

Other posts are almost dripping with irony: “#Layla still hangs around freely? #Layla is amazing,” he says. Or “Have the perpetrators been arrested and their personal data recorded?” (kof)

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