OKLM, Apple charges € 849 for the four-wheel kit for the Mac Pro

Apple had promised, here it is at last: the four-wheel kit for the Mac Pro! Perfect for running the big machine, but you have to pay the price: the pack costs a whopping de € 849 😨. Even compared to the unit, it is still not given (212 € the wheel). Rest assured, the kit is compatible with the 0% credit, enjoy it!

Let’s be fair, for the price Apple provides a hex key from 4 to 6.35 mm, while specifying that ” additional tools are required ” The price is to be compared with that invoiced by the manufacturer for the same casters when ordering the Mac Pro, € 500. Most hackers can always try to create wheels suitable for the tower (read: It rolls for this Mac Pro, even without Apple’s wheels).

And for those who had just ordered a Mac Pro with wheels, Apple offers a “kit of feet” with four stainless steel feet, at the low price of € 349.


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