Ojol Crowded Order BTS Meal, McDonald’s Gambir Temporarily Closed!


McDonald’s at Gambir Station, Central Jakarta (Jakpus), is temporarily closed. This closure is due to many motorcycle taxis online who swarmed for the sake of order BTS Meal which was launched today.

When visited on Wednesday (9/6/2021) at around 13.25 WIB, McD Gambir Station, Central Jakarta, was already closed. A sealing sticker is attached to the door of this McD Gambir Station.

This ‘Temporarily Closed’ sticker is registered at 1213/BAP/JP/PI/2021 and is effective from 9-10 June 2021. There are a number of motorcycle taxis online (bump) around McD Gambir Station and the parking area.

Some of them sat around. Several other ojol were listening to McD’s explanation.

“So with this crowd, McD invites other online drivers to buy or order from them so that it forms a crowd. So when we heard there was a crowd (ojol) and we checked, it’s true that there was a crowd here. So we are here right away. together with colleagues from the Satpol PP and colleagues from the TNI, appealed to them not to gather in crowds,” said Gambir Metro Police Chief AKBP Kade Budiyarta.

McDonald’s Gambir closes the BTS Meal queue (detikcom)

McDonald’s Sealed 1x 24 Hours

Kade did not specify how many ojol were crowding around McD Gambir Station. He just said there were hundreds of ojol crowding this fast food place.

“The sealing (at McD Gambir Station) is 1×24 hours. And if they violate, they will be subject to a fine of Rp. 50 million. So we hope that we can carry out economic activities, our economic activity is increased, but by prioritizing health protocols,” he continued.

Ojol Order BTS Meal in McD Dissolved

He continued, Kade said a number of ojol that had gathered had been disbanded. Because, he said, the area around McD Gambir Station is limited. He also added that the application for ordering food or drinks to McD Gambir Station had been closed.

“So we push out (driver swarmed ojol) and asked the McD to immediately shut down from its efforts or McD temporarily, and the application online-is also closed. So that Gojek and driver online the other he didn’t feel wronged. So from their company, they will complain from here, their company will complain here, so what has been done order or the order is not harmed,” said Kade.

As is known, today McDonald’s launched BTS Meal. Purchases can only be made via drive-thru, applications, and motorcycle taxi services online.

Watch the video ‘Long Line BTS Meal at McDonald’s Jakarta’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

(sab / imk)



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