Ojo Show: Magaly Medina on Vania Bludau’s new heartthrob: “Hopefully this isn’t Ju

The former member of “Combat”, Vania Bludau, She was supported by the cameras of the program of “Magaly TV, the firm” spending the summer on the beaches of Miami, United States, accompanied by a mysterious hunk having lunch.

Faced with these widespread images, the popular ‘Magpie’ was encouraged to comment on this topic. Single people do that. He is in Miami, the solcito (…) good-looking no, looks almost the same, the difference is in the nose, good-looking. Hopefully this one doesn’t touch him and he doesn’t like Tinder. They must be getting to know each other, the guy looks muscular ”, the journalist said.

LOOK: Vania Bludau is ‘ampayada’ having lunch with a mysterious hunk in Miami

“That he does all the casting in the world, that he delays and does everything calmly, while he continues to stroll around Miami and meet many people”,


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