OhMonDieuSalva and Hatik finally settled their accounts live (Video)

OhMonDieuSalva and Hatik finally settled their accounts live (Video)

Week one clash erupted on Twitter between Hatik and OhMonDieuSalva after a tweet from the latter to pay homage to his sidekick Raymonde, an elderly lady from his neighborhood, the rapper revealed in the series “Validated” attacked the influencer concerning his relationship with her by accusing him for not respecting it.

After tense exchanges on Twitter, Ohmondieusalva had replied in a video to Hatik accusing him of having taken the big head since the success of the series “Validated” which allowed him to make himself known to the general public and to explode his career, “We all know you by the name of Apash, you farted after you put Hatik” did he comment in particular by adding the caption “@HatikMusic doesn’t talk about Raymonde and I don’t know our story”.

Hatik therefore decided to invite Ohmondieusalva during a live on Instagram to explain, they finally reconciled live and made peace, the interpreter of Apash in the series “Validated” notably acknowledged his faults by justifying himself sometimes getting carried away a little too quickly without thinking before promising the influencer to come and meet him in his neighborhood, a sequence that you can find in video below.

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