Oh! This bodybuilder is addicted to feeding on 100 eggs just about every working day


This bodybuilder admits that eggs have turn out to be section of his food plan. He is also able of having 100 eggs for each day.

As a bodybuilder, this male named Fernando Torraca plainly maintains his overall body condition, training diligently, ingesting protein-wealthy meals.

But recently, this bodybuilder from Florida, The united states went viral immediately after admitting to consuming 100 eggs a working day. Fernando, who promises to be “The King of Diet regime” on TikTok, admitted he was equipped to end 400 rooster eggs in just 4 days.


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Reporting from Era Iron (08/19), Fernando described that of the 100 eggs he ate only the egg whites. While the egg yolk set it apart.

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“I take in egg whites, not full eggs. Only the white aspect of the egg. If I try to eat the entire egg with the yolk, I’m positive I’ll have significant diarrhea. I take in eggs on reason, since when I consume chicken, I come to feel like the my belly was swollen, “explained Fernando, who has hundreds of countless numbers of followers on TikTok.

In accordance to him, his routine of taking in 100 egg whites each individual day has develop into section of his daily diet plan. Egg whites are regarded an essential food stuff to avert athletes and bodybuilders from getting rid of pounds, to make muscle.

Oh! This bodybuilder is addicted to consuming 100 eggs a working day Image: News from the web page

Fernando genuinely cares about the nutritional content material he eats. Of the 100 eggs he eats, for case in point, he eats 100 egg whites, but only 2 yolks.

Chicken or egg protein is identified to be genuinely handy when people develop muscle mass. But for Fernando, he just wishes to try to eat the eggs. But he seldom eats rooster or dairy.

“I do not try to eat purple meat each individual working day, for the reason that my tummy will be bloated. Even though these hundreds of eggs only just take 30-40 minutes to digest,” he ongoing.

It also doesn’t consume fish incredibly usually, as this fish can take about 3 hours to digest. Primarily purple meat, it will take 24 hrs to digest.

While this diet program pattern amazes many TikTok citizens. But numerous also criticize it, mainly because it is deemed a waste of meals. Particularly the egg yolks which can essentially be processed into different foods.

“I’m guaranteed there are companies that will invest in the egg yolks that you throw absent every day. Or you can cook them and distribute them to men and women in need to have, it will make a change,” one netizen criticized.

Fernando replied to this suggestion that he had by no means donated his egg yolks. Simply because he was scared that hundreds of egg yolks had been contaminated with germs and created folks sick.

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