Oh, Dragon! 17 Drones Fly to Attack Saudi Arabia’s Oil

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Houthi rebels in Yemen claim to have launched the latest attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facility, Saudi Aramco, Monday (12/4/2021). Launch Reuters, the area under attack is Saudi Arabia’s main energy facility in the coastal city.

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea said on Twitter it was not just Jeddah and Jubail, attacks were also launched on Khamis, Mushit and Jizan. At least 17 drones and two ballistic missiles were fired from night to dawn.

However, there has been no comment from the Saudi Arabian government. Saudi Aramco has not confirmed either.

Jubail is home to one of the oil company’s biggest refineries. This is a joint venture with a foreign company, Total. In Jeddah, Aramco has a fuel depot for local customers.

This attack is the umpteenth time the militia is often associated with Iran. Earlier last March, Saudi Aramco facilities were also attacked.

The attack that caused a severe fire occurred in September 2019. At that time, the kingdom’s oil production was disrupted for days.

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