Oh Chang-seok, “Kill Seo-hee Jang” Kidnap Seo-hee Jang at Ban Hyo-jeong’s instruction… “You are over now” (Witch’s Game)

Oh Chang-seok kidnapped Jang Seo-hee.

iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo

In the MBC daily drama ‘Witch’s Game’ (Director Lee Hyung-sun/Screenplay Lee Do-hyun/Producer MBC C&I) aired on the 7th (Tuesday), Ma Hyun-deok (Ban Hyo-jeong) ordered to get rid of Seol Yu-kyung (Jang Seo-hee).

Previously, Seol Yoo-kyung helped Go Seong-jae (Kim Si-heon) get out of prison to protect Jung Hye-soo (Kim Gyu-seon) from Ma Hyun-deok, Yoo Ji-ho (Oh Chang-seok), and Joo Se-young (Han Ji-wan). Seol Yoo-kyung said to Go Seong-jae, who was released on her probation, “Please protect our Hye-soo. Treat it as more precious than mine and protect it well, as much as your life.

Seol Yoo-gyeong then said, “If you reveal the real culprit, you’ll be reduced to Chairman Ma’s dog,” when Yoo Ji-ho was dissatisfied with Ko Seong-jae’s release from prison and said that the real culprit of Jung Min-ja’s (Oh Yoon-hong’s) accident was Joo Se-yeong. If you want to continue being a filial grandson, wouldn’t it be better for Chairman Ma to be the real culprit?” I won’t hurt my people anymore because of Aunt Hye-su, and I won’t be able to touch Seong-jae,” she says.

Yoo Ji-ho tells Ma Hyeon-deok that Go Seong-jae is just a horse in the chess game, so let’s leave him alone, and Joo Se-young, who threatened him with a video, says he will scold him. In response, Ma Hyeon-deok said, “Will it be enough to be scolded? Kill Yukyung Seol. I am Ma Hyeon-deok’s greatest adversary. The game ends when one of them dies. Get rid of the seolyu-gyeong first.” At Ma Hyeon-deok’s instructions, Yoo Ji-ho has Ahn Hee-yeong (Joo Sae-byeok) kidnap Seol Yoo-gyeong.

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Viewers who watched the broadcast showed reactions such as “Joo Beom-seok is completely pissed off”, “No, why does the group head go alone”, “Ma Hyun-deok and Yoo Ji-ho when will they go bankrupt”.

Meanwhile, MBC’s daily drama ‘Witch’s Game’, a bloody confrontation between two mothers and daughters sacrificed to a great evil, is broadcast every Monday through Friday at 7:05 pm.

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