OG3NE sisters aim to break down the ‘wall’ between them and their fans: ‘Reveal our true selves’

“I also taught myself well for a period of time to put on a mask, in terms of behavior and appearance,” Shelley begins to say. “I also think that’s the reason why people don’t feel like: I know who they are,” adds Lisa. “Because there is a kind of barrier, because we also often thought: well, I’ll put on that mask because then it will go well, but then the authenticity will be lost a bit, of course.”

Amy then says they sisters are “just a little bit mysterious,” but Shelley would like to see that changed. According to her, it’s just not that easy. “It is extremely difficult in the media we are in to bring that out. You get such a short time (in interviews, ed.) And of course there are three of us.” There are times when the sisters laugh out loud and then think: “I wish there was a camera on this.”

“People quickly think it’s a lot because there are three of us. You don’t have much time,” Amy continues. “Sometimes we want people to see that once more, but there is little room for that in our business.”

Then the sisters also feel the pressure for each other’s careers, because if one no longer feels like it, it will also be a lot more difficult for the other two. “Suppose I don’t like it anymore. Then I also determine the future for the other person,” says Shelley. Fortunately for the fans of OG3NE, things are still going well between them. “We are super honest with each other, but we are also used to that from each other. No bows or filters, just honest,” says Amy.

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