Often referred to as thrush, you recognize the signs of tongue cancer!


Tongue cancer can grow in the main part of the tongue or at its base. The first signs of cancer at the base of the tongue can be difficult to see and are often mistaken for canker sores or other minor oral complaints. As a result, some people are unaware when they see this condition and consider it trivial.

Quoted detik Jabar from detikHealth. Tongue cancer is a type of oral cancer. Like other cancers, it is triggered by abnormal cell growth and thus forms a tumor.

Quoted by WebMD, this cancer is generally caused by the development of the human papilloma virus (HPV) at the base of the tongue. The virus itself causes infections in the genital area (genital area), cervical cancer, penile cancer, and rectal cancer. Additionally, certain factors can increase the risk of developing tongue cancer, such as excessive drinking or smoking.

However, researchers theorize that the underlying cause of tongue cancer may be due to changes in the DNA that trigger cancer cells. Much research is under review to determine the specifics of the case.

Signs of tongue cancer

One of the signs of tongue cancer is a red lump or sore that doesn’t heal. Sometimes the wound will bleed if touched or bitten.

Through the Medical News Today page, they wrote many signs to watch out for as a trigger for tongue cancer, including:

• Pain in the jaw

• Sore throat

• Pain when swallowing

• Feeling as if something is stuck in the throat

• Stiff tongue or jaw

• Impaired swallowing or chewing of food

• Red or white patches on the lining of the mouth and tongue

• Thrush constantly

• Numbness in the mouth

• Bleeding on the tongue for no reason

However, someone who experiences the above signs of tongue cancer is not always diagnosed with the same thing. Even minor illnesses can produce the condition. That’s why dentists recommend that people check regularly once every six months to prevent and detect dental and gum problems early.

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