Offline Sygic GPS Navigation is now also available for Android phones •

Mirroring the navigation application to the car screen contributes to safer use of navigation / Pixabay

Sygic GPS Navigation is now available on Android Auto as one of the first navigation applications to use offline maps. Sygic is currently used by approximately 200 million users worldwide.

Sygic GPS Navigation in Android Auto brings a new level of comfort. Mirroring the navigation application to your car’s display contributes to safer use of navigation and further eliminates restricting the view through the windshield of the device or the need to look at or operate the phone while driving.

When you connect your phone in a vehicle that supports Android Auto, the application appears on the vehicle’s touch screen. The user interface with large buttons and intuitive design is easy to use. 3D maps, texts and markers are easy to read. And thanks to the connection to the car’s audio system, the voice guidance of the navigation is clearer.

As a bonus, Sygic GPS Navigation uses off-line maps that take care of navigation even in areas with a weak data signal.

In addition to the above parameters, the application also offers other safety-enhancing features: speed limit alerts, predictive routing predicting traffic jams, and a simple lane assistant that allows you to cross lanes more safely.

Integration with Android Auto allows users to use their personalized preferences in Sygic navigation and maps in each compatible vehicle. This is very practical for all drivers of company vehicles, rental vehicles or carsharing service cars.

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