Officially Married, Is This Maudy Ayunda’s Husband?

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It has never been heard from, that actress Maudy Ayunda has secretly been officially married today, Sunday (22/5).

The news was revealed from Maudy Ayunda’s upload on her Instagram page. He shared several wedding photos of himself.

Actor Habibie & Ainun it looks beautiful in an all-white wedding dress.

Maudy also shared a photo pre-wedding with her husband whose figure is still a secret.

In the photo, Maudy looks stylish in casual clothes and looks elegant in the second photo theme.


“Forever with my best friend,” Maudy Ayunda wrote in the caption.

Until now, it is not known who the figure of Maudy Ayunda’s husband is. It also made netizens curious.

“OMG!!! WHO’S HIM???,” wrote @ndl***.

“Omgggggg who’s he? cocok bg,” commented @lin***.

“Ett capatuuu kak wkw,” replied the account @anl***.

Meanwhile, there are netizens who suspect that the man who managed to steal Maudy Ayunda’s heart is a man named Jesse Choi.

The man is suspected to be a college friend when Maudy studied at Stanford University, United States.

“Sama @jessechoi_ yagasi?,” said @_ke***.

“Maybe him @jessechoi_ congrats both of you @maudyayunda,” replied the account @fia ***.

“He’s married to his Stanford friend,” komentar @vin***.

However, until now there has been no official explanation from Maudy Ayunda regarding the figure and identity of her husband.

(bait / bait)

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